Statistically Speaking…

Please be advised that the following post contains subjects which are nerdy in nature.  If you prefer not to hear anything about mathematics, statistics and other words with the suffix “tics”, then refrain from reading the following paragraph.  If mathematics tickles your fancy, then you should probably ignore this post as well, as it contains mathematical deductions which are illogical and nonsensical.  Thank you

Over the past two days, the Pucklehead has been working on his NHL statistics prediction spreadsheet.  He thought he would be smart, and develop a foolproof formula for predicting NHL statistics for the coming year.  His spreadsheet took all of the player’s statistics over the past three years (on a per game basis to account for injuries), and then fit a linear trend for each statistic and used it to predict the 2011-2012 season statistics. Well, that failed for obvious reasons.  First of all, consider the case of Sidney Crosby.  Crosby had an absolutely phenomenal, impossible to replicate season last year in which he scored 1.61 points per game.  If you are trending statistics over 3 years, then having a season like that in the final year means that the trend will predict an even BETTER season in 2011-2012.  Not happening.  Under this formula, Crosby was on pace for some sort of borderline worshippable deity-like 200 point season.

It also failed to recognize cases like Jeff Carter; where their career statistics were all from a team which was considerably better than the pile of steamy, semi-solid poo of a club that they now play for.  So there has to be team adjustments as well (cheekily named a “team multiplier” because the Pucklehead is highly cool).  But how do you define the team multiplier?  How can you predict how a player will adjust to a new team?

Because of the trending fail, the Pucklehead decided that using 3 year averages would be a more appropriate predictor of the upcoming season.  That was all fine and good for some players with fairly consistent numbers over the past 3 years, but there is no way that a 20 year-old player is going to have the average of his age 18 and 19 seasons (see: Tavares, John).  After testing this method with other players (Matt Duchene, Mikhail Grabovski and friends), the Pucklehead realized that this method was also completely unrealistic.

From this experience, the Pucklehead has learned a couple of things.  Firstly, any basic model that the Pucklehead can construct with his pea-sized brain is going to be too simple to accurately predict anything.  That’s why he doesn’t have a job in sports statistics.  Secondly, this has proven what the Pucklehead has always thought.  Statistics are meaningless (14% of Canadians know this to be true).  Depending on what model was used, the Pucklehead could justify any prediction for the coming year.  The results of these spreadsheets will be posted in the coming days, but if you read them, you should probably just ignore them.  The ranking procedure is no more accurate than pulling names out of a hat.  Just do yourself a favor and ignore what this shoddy, low-budget site is peddling for the next few days.


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Triumphant Return of the Pucklehead

After a long absence, the ultimate source of hockey knowledge has returned.  Stay tuned in the following weeks as we rank the top players at each position according to the Pucklehead’s secret formula.  Although the pucklehead has shied away from being serious in more recent posts, the preseason is no time for hooliganism, and we will be all business until October 6th; where it may become more of a 60/40 split.

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Biggest Signing of the 2011 Free-Agent Absurdity

Ah, the Pucklehead has returned after his long absence to talk hockey once again.  Bailing after the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals only to return on July 7th is certainly the sign of a dedicated, reliable and well-respected hockey blogger.

Without further ado, the pucklehead resurrected the blog for one important piece of analysis regarding July 2011 hockey transactions.  It is undoubtedly, the most significant hockey event since Wayne Gretzky was traded to Edmonton.  I am, of course, speaking of the trade between Montreal and Columbus which took place earlier today.  The Canadiens dealt forward Ryan Russell to the Columbus Blue Jackets for Michael Blunden.

This is not only a significant AHL level deal for both teams, but it will make the Columbus Blue Jackets the second team in the league to have a set of identical twins, in Kris and Ryan Russell.  One is a somewhat accomplished defenceman with nearly four full years of NHL experience, while the other is an AHL forward whose left nut has never graced the smooth plastic contours of an NHL-spec cup.

The problems with this deal are two-fold.  First of all, the Columbus Blue Jackets must know that no pair of identical twins has EVER won the cup in the history of Mr. Stanley’s big prize.  This formula simply can’t work.  In addition, according to hockeydb (Kris Russell and Ryan), these two kids were born in different towns.  One has to wonder the state of this family when the mother has identical in different towns.  The pucklehead would not be surprised if these poor guys have behavioral problems in the locker room due to lack of stability in their childhood.

In fact, one must question if they are actually “identical” twins.  How does one decide to play defense while the other is a forward.  If Kris’ DNA allows him to be a serviceable NHL defenseman, why can’t they just convert Ryan to defense and have two identically serviceable blueliners?  There are too many questions here and the pucklehead questions their shady details.

These two are ones to keep an eye on as the 2011-2012 season progresses.

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Conference Finals Playoff predictions!!!

Before I get started, I would like to inform you that I was 6-2 in the first round, and 2-2 in the second round!  Here we go again, my predictions:

Eastern Conference

Boston Bruins VS Tampa Bay Lightning

So in the 2nd round, people were calling me crazy for picking Tampa Bay over Washington, although I didn’t expect it to be a sweep, I do get to brag and say “in your face” to everyone! Although I like the Lightning, I don’t think they can pull off another series win. Boston is more physical by a mile then Washington was, and although I think Tampa Bay can challenge Boston, I don’t think they can win the series. Thomas VS Roloson is not a premiere goaltending match up you’d think a conference finals would be, but these two guys have been superb for their respective teams. The question is, who breaks a hip first! Tampa Bay has not had a team litterally stand up to them yet… not only will Boston stand up to them, they will push them down too, limiting Tampa’s scoring. I want to say Tampa Bay wins, but in the end, I think it will be Boston. Boston was 3-1-0-0 against Tampa Bay, while Tampa Bay was 1-3-0-0 against Boston this year. Boston wins the Eastern Conference Championship in 6!

Western Conference

Vancouver Canucks VS San Jose Sharks

For the third time in franchise history, and the 1st time since 1994, the Canucks are in the the Western finals! San Jose is also there for the 3rd time in franchise history, lastly being there last year. The difference is, Vancouver has never lost a conference finals while San Jose has never won one! And I think that trend will continue. The Sharks and Canucks virtually play the same type of game, and have almost the same problems. This is one of those series where it will all come down to goaltending, because both are going to have games where the opposition fire 40 shots against. Thornton, Marleau and Heatly wont wake up against Vancouver’s deep defense, but the Sedins will rise against San Jose’s not as good defense. This is a tough series to call, and it could all come down to Niemi VS Luongo, both teams blew 3-0 series lead to have to win a game 7 and both have been labled playoff chokers… one of them shakes that label this year, and I think it will be the Canucks. Vancouver was 3-0-0-1 against San Jose this year, while San Jose was 1-2-0-1 against Vancouver this year. Vancouver wins the Western Conference Championship in 7!

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Conference Semi-Final Suck Dial


Perhaps the Pucklehead is bitter that his beloved divers couldn’t pony up enough cash to fix the series (wait, I think I’ve been reading too many Boston Bruins message boards), but in any case, he is finding the 2nd round quite a bore right now.  Rather than rating the series on Entertainment Value like we did in the first round, the Pucklehead will be measuring the “Suck Dial” (out of 10) for each matchup and justifying his decisions.

(1) Vancouver Canucks vs (5) Nashville Predators – Suck Dial Reading:11

In the wake of one of the most exciting quarter-final series in NHL history, the Pucklehead expects this series to be a huge let down.  This opinion was justified after witnessing the horror show (Game 1) on Thursday night.  Seriously, I want my 2 and a half hours back.  In all honesty, the pucklehead would rather forcibly insert a rabid chipmunk down his pants while wearing a Nathan Horton jersey and listen to Rebecca Black’s “Friday” on repeat for 150 minutes than watch another game of this series. It’s simply that painful.  Prognosis: Nucks in 6, but you’ll have to fill me in on game details, because I won’t be paying attention

(1) Washington vs (5) Tampa Bay- Suck Dial Reading: 7

There is nothing particularly intriguing about a Tampa Bay/Washington series.  The Pucklehead is fairly certain that the average Caps fan just found out there was a team in Tamp Bay and were even more shocked to find out that they played in the same division.  In fact, before this game, the typical Caps fan didn’t even know there were divisions in the NHL; since NBC told them that the league consisted solely of Washington, Pittsburgh, New York Rangers, Detroit, Philadelphia and Boston (those are the original six teams I keep hearing about, right?)  In any case, the Caps appear to be the real deal, and one must believe that the crazy goodness of Dominic Moore and Sean Bergenheim will end at some point. Prognosis- Caps in win it in game 7; after which coach Boudreau will celebrate with a chocolate donut stuffed with fried chicken and gravy.

(2) Philadelphia vs (3) Boston- Suck Dial Reading: 5

The suck dial reading is boosted significantly by Boston’s terrible power play; in which they went 0 for 22 with a shorthanded goal against. Ouch.  The Pucklehead admits, though, that this series is probably going to be very entertaining for those in the Northeast United States, but for us Eastern Canadians, it’s just a boring matchup between two of our most hated teams.  The Pucklehead is also running a side bet on this series on how many goalies will start games for Philadelphia in this series.  We are guessing 4 (hello Nicola Riopel!).  Prognosis- The way that Boston barely beat the worst roster in the playoffs indicates that they will be in trouble against the Flyers.  Flyers in 6

(2) San Jose vs (3) Detroit- Suck Dial Reading: 1

The Pucklehead cannot deny the inevitable awesomeness that this series will bring.  It pits the biggest playoff chokers against the biggest playoff anti-chokers in a 2009-2010 second round rematch. Tasty.  Prognosis- San Jose is a different team that no longer relies solely on Dumbo Joe’s line for scoring depth.  Sharks in 6

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Semi-Finals Playoff predictions!!!

Before I get started, I would like to inform you that I was 6-2 in the first round, 2 of which I got the number of games right as well! Here we go:

Eastern Conference

Washington Capitals VS Tampa Bay Lightning

Most people are telling me and telling the world that Washington should easily handle Tampa Bay, but I for one do not believe so. This Washington team is more balanced, but no where near as scary in the past, while Tampa Bay is just having fun! Dwayne Roloson will have another great series, and will frustrate the Capitals. There is an X-Factor in this series though, Mike Green! He’s back, the question is will he help out, or will he become a liabilty since he’s missed so much time… my gut feeling says Tampa Bay in 6!

Philadelphia Flyers VS Boston Bruins

This will be a rough and tough entertaining series! Chara VS Pronger, Lucic VS Richards says it all!  This series is almost something you have to calculate to predict. Let’s see, offensively the Flyers are way deeper, and the big guns have been scoring. Defensively these two teams are close, but there is more depth on the Flyers side. Goaltending wise, Boston kicks ass! Boston got taken to game 7 by Montreal, and Thomas was not great… And here’s an X-Factor for this series, does last years meltdown by the Bruins against the Flyers mentally affect them from the get go? Too many areas favor Philadelphia, so my thought is Philadelphia in 6!

Western Conference

Vancouver Canucks VS Nashville Predators

Third time was a charm! The Canucks finally exorcised their Blackhawk demons, but not before Chicago made it a shot away from the greatest collapse in NHL history! I’ll admit, as a Canucks fan, it was brutally stressful, especially after Jonathan Toews tied game 7 with 1:46 left in the 3rd, but Alaxander Burrows, who almost gave it to Chicago, popped the winner in overtime and pushed the Canucks into a fight with the Predators. Nashville surprised a lot of people, myself included on how easily the took out the Ducks, but this is going to be a very different match up. The scoring will be low as you have the #1 (Vancouver), and #2 (Nashville) defensive teams going head to head! Vancouver has more depth on D and a lot more offensive flare… i’d love to say Canucks for the sweep, but i’m no fool… especially since Vancouver will probably come out flat and lose game 1, still reeling from emotions of the intense game 7 victory over Chicago. Canucks will win this series, but not in 4, and not in 5… Vancouver in 6!

San Jose Sharks VS Detroit Red Wings

It took the Sharks 3 overtimes and 6 games to eliminate the Kings, while it took the Red Wings slammed the Coyotes in 4. The Red Wings know how to play clutch hockey, Pavel Datsyuk is on fire and Henrik Zetterberg is back! Yes on paper, this matches up pretty closely to one another, in fact, San Jose may even get the slight edge in talent, but the reality is this Sharks team never gets it done, and Detroit gets it done time and time again. Joe Thornton will only get 3 points as the Red Wings over power the Sharks. In fact, I am going on a limb and I will say Detroit in 5!

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Why Tonight’s Game is the Most Important Game in Vancouver Canucks History

Tonight’s game 7 against the Chicago Blackhawks is beyond a doubt, the most important game in franchise history.  Yes, the Pucklehead is aware that the Canucks have made it to two cup finals in their 40 year history, however, he argues that even game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals in 1994 does not compare to the pressure that this organization faces tonight.

In 1994, the Vancouver Canucks had no expectations.  Down 3-1 in the Western Conference Quarter-Final to the 2nd seeded and highly favored Flames, the Canucks stormed back with 3 consecutive OT wins for the upset.  After that, it was smooth sailing for the 7th seed as they barreled through both the newly renamed Dallas Stars and the Toronto Maple Leafs (good ol’ Dana Murzyn with the series clincher I believe) in 5 games.  When the reached the Cup Finals, it was more of a pleasant surprise that they were even in the finals, and they were clearly the underdogs against the President’s Trophy winning New York Rangers.

In 1982…well, let’s not even talk about 1982.  They made the Cup Finals after a 77 point season (30-33-17) and were swept by the powerhouse Islanders.  That was a complete fluke; enough said.

This year, things are different.  They are the President’s Trophy winners, led the league in goals for and in goals against, first on the Powerplay, second on the PK, they likely have the Hart, Jennings, Selke winners and other team members were nominated for GM of the year, Coach of the Year and the Vezina Trophy.  They have dominated in almost all statistical categories this regular season and had the best season in franchise history. Yet, they are on the brink of the greatest disaster in NHL history.

Facing a rather improbable and perplexing Game 7, the Canucks have to prove their mettle.  After being eliminated in two consecutive playoffs by the Blackhawks, the Canucks are gaining the “choke” reputation.  The Sedins have often been questioned about their playoff worth, Luongo has been (rightfully) labeled a playoff headcase and the mental state of the team has often been criticized.  If they lose tonight, they could quickly become the San Jose Sharks.  This streak of playoff failures will have the Vancouver fans screaming for Luongo and his eleven year contract to be to be burned in the great Chicago fire of 2011.  The Sedin’s will forever be labeled as too soft.  Fanboys will start crying about the team’s lack of heart.  Despite the fact that they have proven that they are an elite team, losing this series will almost force management to make a rash, reactionary set of moves to change the dynamic of the team.  This cannot happen.  However, all this talk will be forgotten with just one win.

Hockey can sometimes be an unfair business.  After 82 ( I suppose you could say 85) games of pure domination, the Canucks are suddenly in no better shape than the injury-riddled smurfs in Montreal and have their backs against the wall with their fiercest nemesis.  What does 50 regulation and OT wins do for you come April? Well nothing really I suppose.  The Red Wings finished 13 points behind the Canucks, however they got to play a team whose best player is Vernon Fiddler, that had the distraction of relocation.  And they even got to do it with home ice advantage.  Making things even worse, the Canucks were a mere Dallas win away from having their arch rivals eliminated before the playoffs even started.

Oh well, one win will solve everything.  Just one win.

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Ranking the Playoff Matchups by Entertainment Value- Part 2

With the official start of the playoffs merely hours away, the Pucklehead continues his post-season prognostications with his favorite 4 series of the quarter finals (by Entertainment Value).

#4- (1) Washington Capitals vs. (8) New York Rangers – EV Rating 6.5/10

I’m fairly certain that the big wigs at NBC defecated ever so slightly in their preppy, haute couture underwear when they saw this matchup.  Taking New York’s hockey gem and pitting them against the NHL’s most marketable US franchise (especially without Sidney in Pittsburgh) is gold for the network.  Plus, NBC won’t have to add any other teams to their 5 team rotation for this year’s playoffs; as they can continue with games that feature exclusively the Rangers, Capitals, Penguins, Hawks and Wings.  Perfect.  The great thing about this series is that these two teams have history.  The 2009 playoffs included a 2v7 matchup between the Caps and Rangers which went the distance.  It featured everything you would come to expect in a series between these two teams: a mid-series Bruce Boudreau switch to Semyon Varlamov (make it three times in a row for 2011?), Lundqvist stealing games that don’t matter then disappearing in the crunch and another relatively sub-par Washington performance in a quarter final series.  This season should be much the same, although Boudreau’s new found commitment to defense should help the Caps chances.  Capitals in 6.

#3- (3) Detroit Red Wings vs. (6) Phoenix CoyotesEV Rating 7/10

You know what, Detroit/Phoenix does sound like a boring combination, however, their quarter-final series last year was one of the most entertaining of the entire playoffs.  Who cares that the screaming fans in White-Ts at Arena have no clue who their team captain is and are only there because they have free tickets? This is hockey at its finest.  If you consider the Wings poor play down the stretch and the naggin injury to Henrik Zetterberg, the Pucklehead doesn’t like the Wings chances. Phoenix in 6.

#2- (3) Boston Bruins vs. (6) Montreal Canadiens – EV Rating 9/10

Boston and Montreal for the 33rd time in history; and one of hockey’s greatest rivalries is even more intense this season in the wake of the Chara/Pacioretty debacle.  As a Montreal fan, this series reminds the Pucklehead of 2008/09, where the big bad Bruins cruised past the floundering Canadiens in four straight, all while smearing their end-trails across the Bell Centre ice.  This season’s Montreal Canadiens just doesn’t appear to have the magic of 02,04 or 08 on their side this time around, and one must be concerned about Montreal’s lack of size, scoring, 3rd line depth and defense.  Although the regular season matchups have proven to be highly competitive (excluding that recent 7-0 beat down),  this series still has the potential of being very one-sided; which brings the entertainment rating down slightly.  Unfortunately, no amount of goalie fights or Kostitsyn slap fests are going to make a 4 game series entertaining.  Bruins in 5.

#1- (1) Vancouver Canucks vs. (8) Chicago Blackhawks – EV Rating 9.5/10

First of all, some of you may question how I could possibly put Montreal/Boston second to a 1 vs. 8 series.  I urge you, this is no typical 1-8 battle.  No other 2011 playoff matchup features two teams which have played each other in both 2009 and 2010; and certainly no other series has ever contained the level of mind-effing that Chicago has laid on Vancouver the past two seasons. It seems like Luongo has been a different person since that infamous 7-5 elimination game in 09, and one must wonder how his fragile mind will react to seeing that mullet coming down the wing.  The only saving grace for the Nucks is that Byfuglien isn’t going to perform inception (a la Leo di Caprio) on Bobby Lou this time around.  This has to be the toughest 1 vs 8 series since the conference system was adopted in 1994.  It’s unfathomable that the defending Cup Champs could piece together a fairly solid 97 point season, with a great roster I might add, and still turtlehead into the playoffs on the final day of the regular season.  However, Vancouver is simply too strong to lose this game.  They have depth at every position, and if Luongo turns into the ultimate headcase, Schneider is waiting in the wings. Canucks in 7.

The pucklehead admits that he wrote this in one sitting, and it may require some severe editing…

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Rating the Playoff Matchups By Entertainment Value- Part 1

Although the Canes missed it, you gotta love the playoff beard.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.  Playoff time.  As the Pucklehead braces for the impending beat down delivered to his beloved Montreal Canadiens, he also took the time to break down each and every playoff series by entertainment value (from least entertainmenty to downright orgasmic).

#8- (4) Anaheim vs (5) Nashville- Entertainment Value (EV): -3/10

This is the exciting matchup of Perry, Getzlaf, Selanne and Visnovsky vs……um, that Belarussian guy with the mafia connections and that defenseman who has one too few Bs in his last name?  I think Dan Ellis’ whiny tweets will be more entertaining.  Oh, Nashville will most certainly be drubbed in yet another quarter final matchup.  Ducks in 5.

#7- (4) Pittsburgh Penguins vs. (5) Tampa Bay Lightning- EV: 1/10

Hmm, a Southern Florida team vs. a Crosby and Malkin-less Pens team.  This spells disaster.  One positive out of this is because the Pens aren’t playing the Rangers, Flyers or Capitals, NBC will likely not broadcast any games nationally in the US.  This spares the general American public from Pierre McGuire’s Pittsburgh love-in and frequent Crosby gushing. Without their two stars, the Pens will be in tough this series, expect the skilled Lightning to take this one. Lightning in 6.

#6- (2) San Jose Sharks vs. (7) LA Kings- EV: 3/10

With the way the Sharks have been playing in 2011 this one should be a no-brainer. Without Kopitar (and possibly Williams), the Kings two best forwards are sitting at home.  The Kings leading scorer going into this round is Dustin Brown, who would be sixth in scoring on the Sharks.  For some reason, media outlets are trying to convince us that there is some sort of California rivalry here that the fans are passionate about.  Don’t let the talk fool you, Californians have no idea what a hockey rivalry is.  This is probably on the same level as a Division 2 NCAA football matchup between Appalachian State and James Madison. Sharks in 6; should be less, but we all know that San Jose both sucks and blows in the playoffs.

#5- (2) Philadelphia Flyers vs. (7) Buffalo Sabres- EV 6/10

In all fairness, this should be a great series.  With Buffalo’s late season surge and Philadelphia’s struggles down the stretch, it will be one of the most unpredictable and interesting series on the schedule.   However, a lack of animosity between these two teams in recent history drags the entertainment rating down a notch or two.  With a goaltending tandem which includes the Soviet Sieve (Sergei Bobrovsky), the NCAA sacks leader and self-proclaimed Gatorade hater (Bobby Boucher) and a flash in the pan minor league goaltender (Michael Leighton), one has to be concerned about Philadelphia’s chances.  Meanwhile, Enroth and Miller have been golden. Sabres in 7.

Check the Pucklehead tomorrow for Part II!

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Playoff predictions!!!

Eastern Conference

Washington Capitals VS New York Rangers

This is a tough call, but I am going to say Washington in 6 for this one. I don’t beleive the Capitals have what it takes to go all the way, but the Rangers don’t have the talent to win this series, especially with Callahan now gone for the playoffs. Unless Lundqvist can stand on his head for the series, it will be a Capitals win in 6.

Philadelphia Flyers VS Buffalo Sabres

The goaltending just doesn’t have it in Philadelphia, and no Chris Pronger means no repeat of last year for Philadelphia. I am calling this one as the upset of the first round. Buffalo wins it in 6 games on steady goaltending and stingy defence.

Boston Bruins VS Montreal Canadiens

History has it that the Bruins choke come playoff time, but this year will be different, at least for the first round. I apologize to the Pucklehead in advance, but your Canadiens will not upset the Bruins. This is not the same team as last year. The big bad Bruins will take the soft little habs for a ride. 5 games.

Pittsburgh Penguins VS Tampa Bay Lightning

I have no idea which way to call this series, if Crosby was playing the Pittsburgh hands down, but that isn’t the case. I think that these two teams match up really well, but I also think that a Crosby /Malkin-less Penguins team will eventually get over powered by a St Louis / Stamkos led Lightning team. The main factor is whether Dwayne Roloson has anything left in the tank to out duel Marc Andre Fleury. Going on a limb here, but Lightning in 7.

Western Conference

Vancouver Canucks VS Chicago Blackhawks

Third time is a charm. Vancouver will not be ousted by the Blackhawks this year. These are two very different teams from a year (and 2 years) ago. The depth Chicago had that held the Canucks only scoring line at bay the last two playoffs are gone,  and the pressure on the Kane and Toews is now through the roof. Add the fact that the Canucks now can roll 3 scoring line, and have agitators themselves to irratate the hell out of the Blackhawks, this series will go the other way this year. Did I mention Vancouver’s top 6 of Edler, Bieksa, Hamhius, Ballard, Salo and Erhoff will all be healthy for the playoffs? This will be a carbon copy of last year, except this time the shoe is on the other foot. Canucks will win it in 6 games.

San Jose Sharks VS Los Angeles Kings

No Kopitar, no Williams, and a Sharks team that has been on a roll. Normally I can the Sharks to be out fairly quick due to the Thorton factor, but this season the team has played to their potential, despite Thorton’s not so great season. If he;s not leading the team they may have a chance, and with the issues the Kings have, they will make it to the 2nd round for sure. Actually, bring out the brooms, Sharks in 4.

Detroit Red Wings VS Phoenix Coyotes

The Coyotes don’t have the talent to match up against the Red Wings in a 7 game series, even if the Wings aren’t playing well. This series is entirely based on Bryzgalov and whether he can carry the Coyotes or not (I don’t think he can). Sorry Keith Yandle, you may be one of my favorite players, and I hope you are at least a Norris nominee, but your Coyotes will fall to the the not so mighty Red Wings in 6 games.

Anaheim Ducks VS Nashville Predators

As good as Barry Trotz does to lead a team like Nashville time and time again to the playoffs, I doubt he has anything to shut down the rough and tough Ducks. This team in Anaheim, is big, strong, mean, and have not 1, but 2 of the leagues best power forwards in Ryan Getzlaf and 50 goal man Corey Perry. Throw in Teemu Selanne who finished 8th in league scoring at the age of 40 and Bobby Ryan, the offence matches up against anyone.  Re-acquiring Francois Beauchemin and having Lubomir Visnovski lead all NHL defencemen in scoring, this is one scary team, for anybody to face. Also, their 3 goalies, Hillier, Emery, and Ellis… are all, or have been starters. Goodluck Nashville, I give you 1 game, Anaheim crushes you in 5.

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